practises, practising, practised
1) VERB If you practise something, you keep doing it regularly in order to be able to do it better.
See also practised

[V n] Lauren practises the piano every day...

When she wanted to get something right, she would practise and practise and practise.

2) VERB When people practise something such as a custom, craft, or religion, they take part in the activities associated with it.

[V n] It was suggested that American aid should be directed towards countries which practised multi-party politics...

[V n] Acupuncture was practised in China as long ago as the third millennium BC...

[V n] He was brought up in a family which practised traditional Judaism.

Derived words:
practising ADJ ADJ n

The church has broken the agreement, by insisting all employees must be practising Christians.

3) VERB: usu passive If something cruel is regularly done to people, you can say that it is practised on them.

[be V-ed on n] There are consistent reports of electrical torture being practised on inmates.

4) VERB Someone who practises medicine or law works as a doctor or a lawyer.

[V n] In Belgium only qualified doctors may practise alternative medicine...

[V as n] He was born in Hong Kong where he subsequently practised as a lawyer until his retirement...

The ways in which solicitors practise are varied...

[V-ing] An art historian and collector, he was also a practising architect.

5) to practise what you preachsee preach

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